CrisisART as a container

Silvia Argilli


I couldn’t understand what Crisis Art Festival was until I started imagining it as a container, as a soup pot. A collection of ingredients. An action of cooking without a specific recipe, where the only two key words are “crisis” and “art”.

Everyone brings their own ingredient. You can be a performer, an actor, a dancer, a visual artist, a comunication expert, someone who has something to talk about, about conflict or crisis in general. You can be someone who wants to better understand, to open a discussion, to see, to discover, to look deeply or just to listen. Without any limits. Whoever you are, if you are interested in being part of this container, you’re more than welcome to do so.

The ingedients are mixed and cooked for five days in a beautiful place without knowing the result of the recipe. It might be a salty dish or a cake, it can be eatable or not, it can be fried or flavour silly.

What we know is that the participation in the process is the vital point for the main goal, which is growth. Cooking together, this is the point. Richness embodies this action. With the counciousness that every ingredient is good and valid, your vision is important, your ideas and toughts are relevant: YOU are the ingredient.

“Crisis is growth”. We repeat this ad nauseam, and everyone around us is repeating it, the same thing for years. It’s hard to believe, it’s hard to stay in it, in the crisis. It’s a source of complexity for our lives, our professionalities and our feelings and emotional world. But we are not alone. It’s a shared crisis, an opportunity to share. We can decide to deal with it alone, behind closed doors or, together with our eyes open.

The mission of Crisis Art Festival is: “To bring together performing artists and activists from around the world to discuss the arts, economics, and everything in between” and this is exactly what the Festival wants to create.

A unique, alive, creative and collective opportunity.

The Crisis Art Festival is in fact entirely organized by the CrisisArt Collective, an organization of Artists and Activists who recognize the vital importance of finding moments of engagement outside of the framework of institutional and financial domination.

A container, a process , an opportunity.

Open to all.


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