See below for some links to resources relevant to our efforts:

Our Facebook Page

Global Underscore: An international simultaneous dance Happening that will have a host site in Arezzo at Spazio Seme the weekend before the festival.

Villa Godiola: Our host site, in Arezzo

Red Wedge Magazine: “Red Wedge is a website and publication dedicated to rekindling the revolutionary imagination. Unapologetically socialist in our outlook, we believe that art, literature, music, performance, and human creativity are essential to the project of imagining and building a fundamentally different world.”

Chto Delat: “Chto Delat is a Russian based Revolutionary Arts Magazine. One of our most vital tasks today is unmasking the current system of ideological control and manipulation of people.”

e-flux Journal: “Launched in 2008, e-flux journal is a monthly art publication featuring essays and contributions by some of the most engaged artists and thinkers working today.”

C4AA (THE CENTER FOR ARTISTIC ACTIVISM): “We believe there is an art to activism.
We believe that activism is too often flat and colorless…and it doesn’t need to be.
We believe an aesthetic eye and a creative hand are essential for building a better world.
We believe that everyone has an artistic life they can bring to their activism.
We believe that cultural transformation is necessary for lasting change.
We believe in Utopia, not as a destination but as a direction.”

F.A.C.K. (FESTIVAL): “F.A.C.K. is open mobile indisciplinary collaborative transient (con)temporary platform, launched in 2012 in Cesena (Italy), for experimentation and research in alternative organizational and production models for arts and culture. Self-menaged by indipendent artists, curators, researchers and technicians FACK questions the dominant art system and its institutions, as well as the function of art and the role of the artist within our liquid society striked by a profound structural crisis.”

MUTE MAGAZINE (ONLINE): “Mute is an online magazine dedicated to exploring culture and politics after the net. Mute combines biannual issues dedicated to specific topics (Precarious Labour, The Knowledge Commons, etc) with regularly updated articles and reviews.”

ENMEDIO (SPAIN): “We’re a group of image professionals (designers, photographers, filmmakers, artists) who felt frustrated by the lack of connections between art and social action and decided to leave our regular fields of work and get in the midst of things: Enmedio.”