Who are we?

We are an open collective of artists and activists who understand that there is a “crisis” that is entering all realms of our lives and a response is necessary for our survival and for the preservation of our humanity.

We are a collective who recognizes the vital importance of finding moments of engagement outside of the framework of institutional and financial domination.

We acknowledge that artists and activists can forge a powerful synergy between the analytical and the sensible, between action and philosophy.

The CrisisART Collective will host our annual CrisisART Festival this summer, in Arezzo as we have in the past five years from June 25-30th at the Villa Godiola. We are inviting those who feel compelled to join with us in this collective effort to create a moment of contact and sharing. If you are interested in participating in the festival the first step is to join the Collective.

The nature of the festival will be a direct expression of the Collective’s desires. We aim to let the festival develop into the sum of its parts. In other words, it is the members of the Collective who determine the eventual direction and objectives of the festival upon arrival. In the past this has included: lectures, symposiums, workshops, performances, collective projects, strategy sessions and endless spontaneous discussions, songs, and dance.

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